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Virtual Team Games

Inject some fun and competitivity into your festive virtual event.

Engaging Virtual Team Games & Challenges

Virtual team games, tasks and engaging activities are the perfect way to inject some fun into a festive virtual event. Whilst designed to bring your team closer together, all our virtual party options can also be tailored to work around your brand messaging and goals.

Escape The Grotto

From £40+VAT per person

The Grinch strikes again! Kidnapped and locked away at the top of Mount Crumpet, the race is on to release Santa in time for Christmas Eve and stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas! Viewed via live video feed, teams must direct Santa around the room to crack the clues containing the escape codes, with riddles and tasks to complete. Clear communication is key for this challenge. Can your team work together to release Santa, stop the Grinch, restore the Christmas cheer and save Christmas?

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Musical Bingo

From £49+VAT per person

Listening to all the greatest Christmas hits, our Musical Bingo is the perfect festive activity to get the team together and feeling in the festive spirit. After a briefing from our Bingo Host, teams will be moved into separate breakout rooms. In the 1st round, they will each be given a bingo sheet with song titles and artists names on. Listed cryptically, teams must decipher the song titles and artists which will be displayed in a range of ways, from anagrams, to emojis, to riddles. Teams will be invited back into the ‘main room’ where your event host will play the songs for each round in a random order – points are awarded throughout the event to whoever calls Bingo first!

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12 Days of Christmas

From £38+VAT per person

Taking you back to your childhood, this activity will have you singing along to The 12 Days of Christmas song in no time! Working in teams, you’ll be completing challenges relating to each verse of the song.  Our virtual event manager will set the scene with a virtual briefing and divide the group into breakout rooms with smaller teams. Challenges will gradually get harder, so careful planning and delegation between team members will be key! Points will be awarded based on creativity, so get your thinking hats on and produce some whacky, out of the box ideas to impress the judges!

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Christmas Race

From £65+VAT per person

With so many presents to deliver in one night, and his elves busy at the workshop, Santa needs some additional helpers to assist him on his journey around the world. In this festive virtual event, teams must work together to understand the traditions of Christmas in each location, whilst completing challenges along the way. These challenges vary from performing the very best rendition of a Christmas hit to dressing up in the most festive attire you have. The race is on to be the first team to make it back to the North Pole!

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Murder Mystery

From £49+VAT per person

Prepare for a gripping hour of mystery and murder! This is a brilliant virtual option for fun team-building events – a highly interactive problem-solving activity designed to test your crime-solving skills. Our virtual event manager will set the scene with a virtual briefing, before dividing the group up. Teams will then need to work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality to reveal hidden information along the way. Teams will explore the crime scene via an interactive map, having to complete tasks and challenges which will help them acquire evidence and assist with the investigation.

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