About Us

Our Approach

No one throws a party quite like we do. We believe in providing you with the best quality parties all year round, combining the hottest venues, thrilling entertainment and innovative catering.

We’re part of Smart Group, a multi award-winning collection of hospitality, catering and event management businesses at the forefront of the events industry. The range of companies in our Group enables us to offer full-service solutions from planning and logistics, through to catering and entertainment at the event, ensuring we consistently show your guests a great time at a Smart party.

Meet The Team

Our Smart Parties team are the people behind all seasonal events, whether you're looking for the perfect summer party venue or a ticket to one of London's hottest Christmas parties. Get to know a little bit more about them!

Ticketed Sales

Alex Ryan

Director of Ticketed Sales

Lucy Gooby

Head of Ticketed Sales

Monogram Smart Group
Monogram Smart Group

Jessica Bird

Events and Sales Executive

Our Values

We stick to our values to ensure all our parties are nothing short of incredible.

  • Memorable - our purpose is to host the ultimate celebration that creates memories to be recounted for years to come.
  • Spectacular - we ensure our parties are nothing short of spectacular, with distinctive themes and breath-taking entertainment.
  • Outstanding - we work hard to make sure every detail is immaculate, from sumptuous food to awe-inspiring acts and exceptional service.
  • Credibility - we're the first company to offer fully-immersive themed parties and still the best, with over 25 years’ experience.
  • Quality - we offer a premium product, which is tailored unique to you our customers and not massed produced.

Smart Group HQ

Unit 10, Deptford Trading Estate, Blackhorse Road, Deptford SE8 5HY

Tel: 0207 836 1033 Email: enquiries@smartgroupltd.co.uk

Unit 10 Deptford Trading Estate
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