Tuesday 13 December 2022

Tips for staying well during the busy period

Snow has officially landed in London which has got us all feeling festive. But with the snow comes the cold weather and waves of colds and flu, so we've compiled a list of tips to ensure you stay well during this cold, busy season.

Christmas is almost here which means one thing

The busy season is in full swing and the cold winter weather has truly arrived. We have compiled a list of our top tips to stay well and healthy to get you through the busy, festive period.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things is making sure that you stay hydrated.  It can be difficult in times of high stress to remember to take care of yourself and keep up to date with your water intake. Our bodies use water to help maintain our body temperature, therefore staying hydrated in cold temperatures is even more important as it keeps us warm. A good tip is to always have a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go and ensure it is kept topped up throughout the day. Ensure you are eating foods that have a high water content such as soups, salads or fruit like melon.  If plain water is too boring, drinking sparkling water or adding a slice of lemon or cucumber makes for a more exciting refreshing taste.

Fuel your body with tasty food

Another key tip often overlooked is fueling your body with tasty, healthy food. Whilst takeaways and fast food are perfect this time of year for convenience and speed, they will not provide you with all the nutrients and goodness that a home-cooked meal does. This time of year it is even more crucial you eat your 5 fruit and 5 vegetables a day and allow your body the comfort of healthy, delicious food.  The food you put into your body is vital for not only your body to function in the best way but for your mind as well, so ensure it is getting its required vitamins.

Exercise for the mind and body

Exercise during the winter is difficult on its own, let alone during the busy festive period. The dark, cold streets are enough to deter anyone away from venturing out of their warm houses – never mind when you have a busy work schedule. It’s easy to forget the importance of exercising and taking a moment for yourself. Most exercise classes can even be done without leaving the comfort of your own home. These small moments in your day have a massive impact on how you deal with stress and cope with the hectic festive period – particularly with working in events and hospitality. Whether it’s a short 30-minute walk or a yoga class, those moments allow you to switch off and stretch your body and your mind.

Downtime is key

We all know that working in events and hospitality, particularly during the busy season, can be stressful and you feel you have no time to get everything done and still enjoy some downtime. The most important thing is that whenever you have your free time completely dedicated to yourself – make the most of it by doing hobbies and activities that bring you calm and allow you to feel relaxed. Take time away from a screen and see friends and family. Or even curl up with a book and a hot drink. Allow your brain to switch off and destress with non-work-related things. It will make you feel less stressed and ready to tackle the day and work. You will feel 10 times better by allowing yourself a portion of the day to switch off and relax, and you will thank yourself.

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