Production Specification at Evolution London


In-house production at Evolution London

Included in your exclusive hire package is a large specification of AV, including stage, dance floor, and intelligent sound and lighting, however, we are aware that each event is individual and so requirements vary. Creative technical event production experts, Encore, are the in-house production supplier at Evolution London. It's their job to make your event look and sound amazing by tailoring the spec to suit your event.


In addition to our standard house specification


  • 4 x LED Par Cans


  • 16 x Source Four Juniors


  • 5x Moving head spots
  • 18x LED Par Cans
  • 40x Source Four Profiles
  • 22x Par Cans
  • 4x 4 Cell Molefay Blinders


  • 19x Moving head spots
  • 24x Moving head LED washes
  • 22x Static LED washes
  • 14x LED Profiles
  • 7x Strobes
  • 11x Sunstrips
  • 6x 4 Cell Molefay Blinders
  • 9x 2.5k Fresnels
  • 10x Source Four Fresnels – Stage
  • 8x Source Four Fresnels – Dancefloor
  • 8x Source Four Profiles
  • 2x Phantom Co2 hazers
  • 2x Jem ZR33 smoke machines
  • Avolites Arena
  • Avolites Tiger Touch II (Backup)
  • Avolites Ai EX8 Media Server


The production specification is a guideline of what is included and is subject to change.


  • Increased PA system for Reception area performances
  • Increased PA system to the main dancefloor in front of the stage
  • Xmas show relay to the whole venue in zones
  • 1 x Handheld Radio mic to above PA systems



  • 4x 16:9 ratio 13ft x 7ft 6’ projection screens
  • 4 x Panasonic RZ670 projectors
  • 2 x Robotic Cameras
  • 10mm pitch LED screen backdrop to main stage in pros arch design for show content
  • Media Server with content for Xmas show and after party

Main Stage


  • 40ft x 20ft deep stage, 4ft high with side of stage access only
  • Painted finish
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