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Wednesday 2 October 2019

10 Things You Have To Do If You Visit New York at Christmas

With tickets flying out for our Christmas in New York shared parties, we’ve been thinking about the city itself during the festive season and all the things there are to do if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the Big Apple in December. We’ve rounded up the top 10 things to do in New York at Christmas so you don’t have to!


Ice Skating in the City

If you’re in New York over the festive period, ice skating is a must-do; a truly magical experience, outdoor ice skating is especially beautiful when the weather is bright but crisp.

The ice rinks at Bryant Park, Central Park and the Rockefeller centre are seriously popular with tourists and are known as key spots to visit in the city at Christmas.


The Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree

Whether you choose the ice rink at Rockefeller as your chosen skating spot or not, a visit to the Center alone is a must at Christmas to see the tree and light displays.

Although a top tourist attraction in NYC all year round, the centre excels itself at Christmas, with truly iconic decorations bound to get you into the festive spirit.



One of New York’s most mesmerising department stores, worth a visit whatever time of year you visit, Macy’s becomes a true winter wonderland in December and is magic for both adults and children.

As well as aisles upon aisles of Christmas, with decorations, gifts and much more to explore, Macy’s also puts on an incredible Santa’s grotto that is an immersive experience for all ages and a must-do while you’re in the city during the festive season.



Christmas Markets

Wherever you’re based in New York during your visit, you’ll never be far from Christmas markets as they line the streets of the city during December contributes hugely to the festive feel that permeates the city.

With food to try, mulled wine to drink and gifts to buy, wandering the streets and stopping at the stalls is a wonderful way to spend a day in New York at Christmas.


Carriage Ride Around Central Park

Central Park is a picturesque place to be all year round but it has the most magical feel around Christmas and what better way to explore the whole park than in a horse-drawn carriage?

The perfect way to take in the scenes and socialise with the people you’re enjoying the experience with, a carriage ride around Central Park allows you to experience all the key monuments and is a great way to take the weight off your feet.

The organisers of Central Park’s carriage rides promise the humane treatment of all their horses.


The Empire State Building

A must-see for all visitors to NYC whatever the time of year, the Empire State Building takes you high above the New York rooftops and is the perfect viewpoint when the snow has settled on the ground and the festive lights are brightening up the streets.

The Empire State Building itself lights up in red and green when December arrives and gets very busy, but the queues are well worth waiting in to see this overview of the city at Christmas.


The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Working our way over to Brooklyn, if you can make it to the area in mid-December then the Dyker Heights Christmas lights simply have to be witnessed.

The Kings County neighbourhood is famous for lighting up the streets once Thanksgiving is out of the way with homes and businesses putting up incredible festive displays with blow-up characters and more. The best displays are on the 11th to 13th Avenue, so it is worth heading there first and spending a little time taking in the scenery!


Bryant Park Winter Village

London’s Winter Wonderland may be a mesmerising experience, but the Bryant Park Winter Village take the festivities and magic to a whole new level. A one of a kind winter experience, this huge shopping and entertainment village is filled with food stalls, gift shops, an ice rink and more to explore.

You could spend hours making your way around this winter village – when the sun goes down and the Christmas lights go up, it really is an overwhelmingly festive place to be, perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit.


Fifth Avenue Window Shopping

Fifth Avenue may be one of New York’s most infamous shopping destinations, but it isn’t what is inside the shops that will draw you there at Christmas, but the window displays.

Every shop on Fifth Avenue goes all out at Christmas to attract attention from passers-by, so much so that the window displays themselves have become more of a tourist attraction than the actual stores, with plenty of the city’s visitors heading to the strip of shops just to look at the windows!


The Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

An annual show that brings the city to life year after year, the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Special takes place from the 8th November to the 5th January and there are even 4 shows taking place on Christmas day alone.

A song and dance extraordinaire for all ages, the Christmas Spectacular is an immersive winter wonderland with all sorts to do, as well as a series of breath-taking shows performed by the Rockettes themselves.

Nothing will get you feeling as cheery and festive as an evening at one of these shows, hosted at the Radio City Music Hall!

Feeling inspired?

There really is no place quite like New York City at Christmas but if you’re not able to make the trip across the world for a visit this year, get your fill of New York festive fun by booking your tickets to our Christmas in New York shared party today!


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