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Friday 27 September 2019

Why Brexit Means Christmas Parties Are More Important Than Ever

In this time of uncertainty, it is important to instil in your team a sense of togetherness.

The Effects of Brexit

There’s no denying the fact that Brexit is going to affect every individual living in Great Britain. For many of us, the prospect of the country’s future outside of the EU is a daunting one, and with the nation stuck in a divide of opinion over whether we’ve made the right decisions, hostility among our communities is understandably rife.

Bringing People Together

Here at Smart Parties, we believe that bringing together businesses and individuals is now more important than ever before, especially as the festive period will kickstart just a few weeks after Britain is set to officially leave the EU and the reality of this move will be much more apparent.

Our Aim

Our aim is to rebuild a sense of community spirit and union both within businesses and across the capital with the help of memorable evenings of socialising and networking, also known as our one-of-a-kind shared Christmas parties.

So, why do we believe that a great Christmas party is more important for your business in the light of Brexit than ever before?


Rewarding your staff at a time of uncertainty

Finishing your year off, whether you’ve been Brexit-focused or not, with an unforgettable Christmas party is the perfect way for your employees to let their hair down after what has been a tense year all round. By rewarding them for their hard work, you’ll consequently make them feel optimistic and motivated for the 12 months ahead! In today’s 24/7, always-on world, great Christmas parties can provide the opportunity for staff to get away from the stresses of the office, as well as the stresses of our country’s future, and absorb an experience in an immersive and engaging environment.


Differing Opinions Amongst Staff Can Cause a Divide

From the moment the concept of a referendum was posed, differing opinions have come to light amongst families, friendship groups and business environments, often causing heated debates and disputes. This is undoubtedly something that can cause tension and divide within a company.

The leave date of the 31st October is set to only reignite conversations about whether the right decision has been made, forming a topic of conversation that can become quite hostile. So to reunite your office staff and eliminate the remain vs leave divide, an incredible Christmas party is a must.

A light-hearted and exciting social event that sees your staff in a new and engaging environment, experiencing something brand new together, is the perfect way to leave politics behind and help your employees learn to get along again.


Strengthen Connections With Other Local Businesses

With uncertainty looming around the new trade agreement between Britain and the EU, having strong connections with other businesses here in the UK is now so important.

Networking is always a valuable way to gain new business, but with the upcoming changes in cross-seas trading, being closely associated with traders and businesses on your doorstep is now even more essential. A shared Christmas party with other businesses in London and beyond is the perfect way to gain new connections in a fun and relaxed environment.


Celebrating (And Accepting) a New Beginning

There’s no denying that Britain has been fuelled by hostility and worry since the results of the referendum were announced, but this year a new beginning has been promised for Britain. So whether you voted leave or remain, this fresh start is something to now accept and, for many, celebrate.

So, with Christmas parties being more important this year than ever before thanks to Brexit, why not get your tickets booked to one of Smart Parties’ incredible shared Christmas parties? With venues across London and beyond hosting breath-taking festive events throughout December, there’s bound to be a party to suit you and your fellow guests.

Or if Christmas is too soon – why not consider joining us for our New Year’s Party?


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