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Saturday 30 November 2019

How to be the Ultimate Christmas Day Host

Stressed about hosting? Allow us to help! Follow these tips to help impress your family and friends this Christmas!

Are you ready?

Here at Smart, we like to think we know how to host a great event. One of the biggest celebrations any of us tend to host at home is Christmas Day, but how do you take on this role and do it well?

We’re going to be providing you with our top tips for being the ultimate host on Christmas Day, or for any occasion you host at home!


Be Organised

One of the keys to hosting a great event and becoming known for being a great host is to be incredibly organised!

By being prepared, your event will run smoothly and you can feel relaxed for your guests. By having all your food prepared, your timings organised and every element of your day prepared, you can enjoy your day whilst helping it to run seamlessly for everyone attending.


Stay Calm

Staying calm is one of the most important parts of hosting an amazing event, and the best hosts are often the ones who seem do not seem phased by the stress of the day.

Christmas Day can be intense, especially if you have a lot of guests crammed into your home but the best way to ensure everyone has a great time and that the day is a success is to stay calm! Don’t let your guests know that you’re feeling flustered or stressed, just stay relaxed and this will also help you to enjoy yourself too!


Make the Most of Helpful Hacks

Thinking specifically about Christmas Day, cooking that big feast can be time-consuming and stressful at the best of times, so there’s no shame in making the most of those helpful hacks!

Whether you buy pre-prepared veggies that you can easily throw in the microwave or you take the time to do your own prep the night before, a combination of being organised or just bending the rules a little can help make your Christmas Day a little easier.


Get Involved

The best Christmas Day hosts are the ones that still get involved with all the fun and festivities, instead of just hiding away in the kitchen trying to make everything perfect.

Whether it’s cocktail making, playing games or watching a festive film, make sure you’re present and involved!


Enjoy Yourself

Simply put, a stressed and unhappy host leads to guests who don’t have as good of a time as they could. So to be the best possible host, you need to enjoy yourself!

Feeling more prepared?

By following all of the above tips, you should be able to feel relaxed and included in your Christmas Day celebrations, avoiding stress and chaos, allowing you to provide a fun time for your guests, as well as having a great time yourself!

Whether or not you’ve witnessed what an amazing Christmas party looks like at one of Smart’s Christmas parties, why not leave the challenge of hosting on New Year’s Eve to us, and book tickets to our New Year’s Eve ball?


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