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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Why New Year’s Eve is Best Spent with Hundreds of Others

Stuck for plans this New Year's Eve? Read on to find out why we think celebrating with hundreds of other people is the best way to go!

New Year's Eve

Wherever you are in the UK, New Year’s Eve is always a huge celebration, but have you ever considered seeing in the new year with hundreds of other people? Perhaps people you don’t even know?

Our New Year’s Eve Ball is one of the biggest shared New Year’s parties in London, and attracts thousands of attendees. As many people are unsure about spending New Year’s Eve with so many people they’re unfamiliar with, we’ll be giving you three reasons why we think it’s the best idea!


It’s Something New to Experience WITH Loved Ones

There’s no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds and experience something totally new, exciting and unique with all your loved ones!

You can book tickets individually or buy multiple in one transaction but as the venue is set up so tables seat 8-10 guests, why not get a group together and go with your family or friends? Designed for guests 18+, it’d be great fun to get your friends or family members together, book a table and go and take part in a totally different New Year’s Eve celebration with not just hundreds of others but your nearest and dearest too.


Socialise and Network

New Year’s Eve may be a time to celebrate, but why not also use it as a time to socialise? And if you’re a business first person, why not do a bit of networking too?

A perfect opportunity to get to know new people, whether it be to develop friendships or working relationships, attending an event with hundreds of people you’ve never spoken to before provides you with the chance to chat, get to know people, share experiences but above all, celebrate the new year together!


A Totally Unique Atmosphere

New Year’s Eve parties at home may be fun and familiar but, after years of hosting similar celebrations, they become very predictable. When you switch things up and attend a shared New Year’s Eve party, no two years will ever be the same and the atmosphere will be far different to any party you’ve attended before!

With so much excitement and anticipation in the air, the atmosphere at our shared parties is simply electric and that is thanks to the eclectic mix of people who attend – something we think everyone should experience at least once.

So, why wouldn’t you want to attend a shared New Year’s Eve party? The chance to enjoy a huge venue with incredible decorations, amazing entertainment, delicious food and so much more, this is the kind of mesmerising experience you can only enjoy by attending a shared party by Smart!

Tickets are still available for our New Year’s party at Evolution London, so what are you waiting for? Witness the amazement for yourself, as well as with your friends, family and so many others – book your tickets today!


Email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 0207 836 1033 to find out more. Alternatively, have a closer look at our New Year's Eve page by clicking below!
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