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Mon 25 Nov 2019

Get ahead on your Christmas shopping this Black Friday!

Black Friday is upon us this week, but you may be confused as to how it came about - read on to find out more about the tradition, and what we're offering this year!

Black Friday will take place this Friday the 29th of November, giving stores and retailers the chance to slash prices, gain customers and offer deals. It’s also the perfect opportunity for shoppers looking to grab a bargain ahead of Christmas.

It’s fair to say that most of us are aware of Black Friday; it would be quite difficult to miss since large retailers have brought the American tradition across the pond, but where did it come from? Why is it called Black Friday? And why do we see videos of people camping outside of stores and fighting over items year after year?

What is it?

Black Friday is a tradition that originates from the US, where retailers cut prices on a huge range of items the day after Thanksgiving, much like what we are used to during Boxing Day sales. Americans have Thanksgiving Day off as well as the next day and many will spend this day taking advantage of the discounts on offer. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year in the US, it is often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, as it falls just before December starts.

The Name

Perhaps one of the most confusing things about the manic shopping weekend is the name itself. Where did it come from?

The earliest use of the name in print came in the 1950’s, when the Philadelphia Police Department used the name to describe the congestion and crowding in the city’s stores that occurred after Thanksgiving. Many cases of shoplifting were recorded as a result of the overcrowding on the streets, leading to a high police presence working back to back shifts.

Not your most enjoyable shopping experience!

Probably the most well-known story about the tradition of Black Friday comes from the retailers themselves.

In an attempt to recreate Black Friday into something positive, stores have reported that the day after Thanksgiving is an opportunity for their accounts to go ‘into the black’ after operating at a loss for the majority of the year, or ‘in the red’, as shoppers would have spent so much on discounted goods.

Whether this story is true or not, one thing is for certain, Black Friday as a tradition has migrated to the UK, and it seems to be here for good.

Black Friday in the UK

Over the last decade, British high street retailers such as Amazon and Walmart-owned Asda have followed the lead of the US and have started offering similar discounts, and this year, Brits plan to spend an estimated £7billion over the Black Friday weekend.

What we seem to be experiencing is a microcosm of the American shopping extravaganza, but as spending increases on Black Friday year on year, we can assume that it won’t remain that way for long.

So, what should we expect this year?

Will you be camping outside of stores to snag a flat-screen TV, by any means necessary? Or will you be doing your shopping from the comfort of your home?

We will be taking part in the Black Friday fun and offering a FREE £50 Amazon voucher to those who book a table of 10 for one of these key dates at our shared parties this Christmas!
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Dates available are as follows:

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(Après at Magazine London – Thursday 12th Dec & Friday 20th Dec 2019)
(Cutty Sark – Wed 18th Dec 2019)

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